5 Amazing Electrical Business Ideas 

The electronics industry is one of the most profitable today. According to statistics, electricians’ revenue profit is projected to top 6.2% by 2035. Especially after the pandemic, with more people going digital, there’s an increase in demand for electronic devices and services.  

Luckily, you can venture into the industry as a professional or even an entrepreneur. From this guide, you can grasp some of the easiest yet most profitable business ideas, like investing in LED  lights, to more complex ones, like e-waste recycling. Read on to learn more. 

1. Investing in Extension Cords, Sockets, and Plugs 

Finding a home or office without sockets, plugs, and extensions is hard. Can you imagine a scenario where you don’t have an extension cable in your living room yet need to charge almost all your appliances? That would present you with a challenging time, especially if you only have one port available.  

Access to an extension cord with switch lessens your burden to access power simultaneously. So do sockets and plugs. They are an essential part of access to power, and the market for such products will never go out of style.  

It’s a great starting point for an entrepreneur. You can be a manufacturer or partner with other brands to supply quality products to your target market before creating your brand. 

2. LED Lights Production and Retail Business  

If you’ve not joined in yet, you must have seen the trending LED consumption trend somewhere. Right now, many people are shifting from traditional lighting technology. That’s because of the impeccable deals LED lights bring on board, from a 75% lesser power consumption to 25% more life power than their traditional counterparts. 

Better still, you can customize the LED lights for any part of your home, interiors, and business to serve various purposes. What’s more for you as an entrepreneur is there are multiple ways to venture into this lucrative business idea.  

You can partner with existing high-quality brands and deal with their products. Additionally, you can start your brand with research and knowledge in producing and manufacturing LED lights.  

3. Robotic Vacuum Manufacturing and Retail 

Moving on, most people, if not everyone today, seek ways to balance work, rest, and fun. Getting help with house chores contributes significantly to lessening the burdens of everyday hustles. In that case, a robotic vacuum is one of the devices many people are investing in today.  

The demand for such electronic devices will only continue to rise. Research on improving the existing ones and making them available to the market is a great place to start. Also, marketing the current ones and introducing them to a new market is a great business idea. The goal is to provide solutions to your target market. 

4. Home Security Systems Business 

Additionally, regarding electronic devices, more people find peace and control in investing in a home security system. Whether for the home they live in or even their businesses. A home security system involves a lot of electronic features, from sensors to alarms and a lot more.  

It’s a great investment avenue for anyone willing to venture into electronic businesses. Better still is its promising future, as security is becoming a significant issue worldwide. So, it would be wise to invest right now and build a name in the industry before it explodes.  

With more research, you can introduce your brand with more features to support your clients. The significant determinant remains capital, but you can always start as a retailer for other brands and build your way up. 

5. E-Waste Recycling 

Lastly, here’s the new baby in town regarding electronic business ventures. E-waste recycling qualifies as new because few people know much about it. However, it’s a lucrative business that is a bit more challenging but with a promising future. So, if you love a little more challenge in the industry, here’s one for you. 

For this venture, you need more capital to set up and research the necessary legal requirements depending on your area of operation. However, the bright side is the demand for e-waste recycling is increasing. 

Where do you think people will take the cell phones, TV, and other electronic devices they don’t use? Better still, today, people are more concerned about the effects disposal of their electronics has on the environment. If you give these customers a reliable solution to their problems, you stand a great chance at winning in the long term.  


The electronic industry has a great future ahead in terms of investing. So whether you are an electrical professional or not looking to invest in the industry, these five business ideas are a great place to start. Remember to research before venturing into any and seek more knowledge to reach your target audience.